What else was happening on D Day?

D Day was a momentous and historic event. The largest amphibious landing in history deserves commemoration.

This was an obvious turning point in a war in which many nations were involved yet so much depends on apparently trivial events adding their weight to the force of history. “For the want of a nail a battle was lost”

It is easy to forget that, while events on the French coast were unfolding action was occurring on many other fronts. The “D Day Dodgers”, fighting a long and bloody war in Italy certainly felt sidelined by the glamour of the Normandy invasion.

So what else was happening on Tuesday, 6th June 1944?

BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force): In Burma, 24 B-25s attack the Waingmaw, Wuntho-Hopin area, and Imphal-Tiddim road; others maintain ammunition lift into Imphal; 24 A-36s, 11 P-51s, and 45 P-40s pound Myitkyina; about 40 A-36s and P-40s hit the Mogaung, Mohnyin, Lachigahtawng, Pakhren-Sakan and Kadu areas. In India, HQ 443d Troop Carrier Group moves from Sylhet to Sookerating; and 11th and 12th Combat Cargo Squadron, 3d Combat Cargo Group, move from Sylhet to Dinjan and Fenny respectively with C-47s. Lost is P-38J 42-104355.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force): In China, 50 P-40s attack shipping, horses, and troops in the Fulinpu Kweiyi vicinity, 10 P-51s and 6 B-25s pound Tayang Chiang, and 5 B-25s bomb Pailochi Airfield; 9 P-40s hit road and rail targets of opportunity in the Yellow River area; 2 others sink a junk and damage others at Kwangchow Wan.

PACIFIC OCEAN AREA (POA, Seventh Air Force): B-24s returning to Eniwetok from Los Negros (where they rearmed after bombing Guam the previous day) hit Ponape.

SOUTH PACIFIC AREA (SOPAC, Thirteenth Air Force): P-38s bomb a supply dump near Nordup. On Bougainville, P-39s and US Navy (USN) aircraft hit vehicles near Hari; other P-39s pound a pier and buildings in SE Kahili.

SOUTHWEST PACIFIC AREA (SWPA, Fifth Air Force): In New Guinea, B-24s and B-25s bomb shipping near Efman and Waigeo Islands; A-20s hit the airfield at Babo, and A-20s and B-25s hit Namber Airfield and tanks near Mokmer; and P-39s, A-20s and RAAF aircraft continue to pound the Wewak-Hansa Bay area, hitting supply dumps and hideouts. Thirteenth Air Task Force B-24s hit Truk.

ROME, ITALY  Celebrations continued after liberation on 4th/5th June by the allies advancing on two fronts. German forces under Kesselring fell back in and orderly manner toward the river Arno, a position the Allies were unable to gain until more than two months later


Wrecked German transport marks the retreat from Rome